Traveling Trunks

Cabrillo's traveling trunks are available to teachers within San Diego County for two week periods. There are no charges associated with borrowing trunks, however teachers will be responsible for picking up and dropping off the trunk and replacing lost or damaged items. The trunks allow instructors who may not be able to bring their students on a field trip to have the same resources and activities available to classes that visit the park, plus many supplementals. Reserve your trunk below today!

Available Trunks

Cabrillo Adventure: The Cabrillo Adventure Traveling Trunk is designed to introduce teachers and students to the historical, cultural, and natural resources of their National Park, Cabrillo National Monument. Several educational activities, videos, and books connect students to cultural and historical stories and to science conducted within the park.

Cabrillo Adventure Tools: OverviewLesson Plans - Supplemental Worksheets


Nature’s Nurseries: All living things have a life cycle – whether they are born, hatched, or merely produced from a parent, living things grow, undergo changes, and eventually die. The Nature’s Nurseries Traveling Trunk was designed to highlight the life cycles of four different animals found at Cabrillo National Monument – the Gray Whale, Garibaldi, Peregrine Falcon, and White-Lined Sphinx Moth. Specifically designed for students in grades K-2, the books and activities in this trunk will help students understand what life cycles are, why these animals matter, and what students can do to help protect them.

Nature’s Nurseries Tools: OverviewLesson Plans - Supplemental WorksheetsTeacher Resources


See Life - Understanding Biodiversity in Marine Ecosystems: Biodiversity – what is it? Broken down, “bio” is the Latin root for “life” and “diversity” means “variety.” Together, biodiversity simply means the variety of life on this planet. High biodiversity leads to healthy ecosystems. Each individual plant or animal within an ecosystem has an important job to do in order to keep the community functioning. Utilizing the activities in this trunk students will garner a greater understanding of what biodiversity is, how Cabrillo scientists study it in the Rocky Intertidal Zone, and what students can do to help us preserve and protect the variety of life on earth. 

See Life Tools: OverviewLesson Plans - Supplemental WorksheetsTeacher Resources - 3D Cabrillo


Plant Adaptations of the Coastal Sage Scrub: While utilizing the contents of this trunk students will discover that over time, native plants of San Diego have adapted to their surroundings to ensure survival. They will be able to answer questions like: 1) How do plants survive in the hot-dry climate of San Diego? and 2) Do some plants survive better than others in San Diego? This trunk contains an eight-lesson unit, books, DVDs, hands-on materials, games, resource guides for teachers, and a field guide for taking students outside to discover their natural surroundings.

Plant Adaptations Tools: Lesson Plans - Teacher Resources - Rubrics - Student Handouts


Climate Kids : Learn how the influence of our changing climate is impacting the oceans, carnivores, or pollinators. Through science, art, and storytelling activities, students will gain an understanding of what climate change is, the effects it has on our San Diego ecosystems, and what we can do to turn the tide. (3 Options Available).


(Note: Climate Kids are reserved through the Climate Science Alliance and picked up at the California Department of Fish and Game Offices. The 'Make Reservation' button will take you to their page.)