Traveling Trunk Reservations


Reservation Directions 

Cabrillo's traveling trunks are available to teachers within San Diego County for two week periods. There are no charges associated with borrowing trunks, however teachers will be responsible for picking up and dropping off the trunk and replacing lost or damaged items. The trunks allow instructors who may not be able to bring their students on a field trip to have the same resources and activities available to classes that visit the park, plus many supplementals.

Step 1 - Choose the trunk that best fits with your grade-level and area of study.

Step 2 - Check the calendar for available dates and times. List your top three in order of preference on the registration form. 

Click Here For: Traveling Trunk Reservation Calendar

Step 3 - Fill out the registration form located on this page.

Step 4 - Allow a minimum of two weeks for processing. You will receive a confirmation email and directions on how to pick up your trunk.

Step 5- Return your trunk to the park on or before the two week deadline. 


Traveling Trunk Reservations

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Checkout Date (Preference #1)
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