Group Expectations

Please thoroughly review the following with your group prior to your visit to Cabrillo National Monument. 

VEHICLE PASS:  Your vehicle pass will be attached to your confirmation email.  Upon arriving at the park EACH VEHICLE in your group must present the vehicle pass that is attached to this email to the ranger at the entrance station. Please print and make copies of your vehicle pass ahead of time and distribute them before arriving at the park.  Vehicles without a pass will be charged the $5 entrance fee. 

WHERE TO MEET:  Unless otherwise stated, the teacher should check-in at the visitor center upon arrival.  A ranger or volunteer will direct you where to go from there. If you are participating in a Tidepool Explorations or Science Sampler Program, a ranger will meet you at the tidepool kiosk 10 minutes prior to the start of your program and you do not need to check in at the Visitors Center.  

LUNCH:  A lunch bin to store your lunches is located between the vending machines. If you are participating in a tidepool program, we recommend either bringing class lunches in tubs or student backpacks. Cabrillo is a trash-free park which requires that all trash that your group generates during your visit must be taken out of the park by your group.  Please plan accordingly and bring a trash bag with you. Review our 'Zero-Waste' practices prior to your visit. 

PARKING:  For safety and convenience, buses should unload and pick up your group in the traffic circle near the flagpole.  Bus parking is available in designated spaces in the middle bay of the main parking lot.  Buses must turn off engines while unloading or loading passengers. For groups visiting the tidepools, please remember that access to the coastal area is only by vehicle via Cabrillo Road.  Travel by any other means is dangerous and not permitted. There is no pedestrian access.  Parking is limited, so we encourage carpools or bus transportation. Buses can drop off students at the tidepools and park up the hill in the main parking lot (BUS MAP). However, buses must be promptly available to pick-up students from tidepools at culmination of program. 

MANNERS:  Please remember that many groups of people visit the park.  Respect other visitors by keeping the noise level down, walking instead of running and staying on the correct side of the path. Any collections of plants or animals is prohibited by Federal Law. Groups that disrespect the grounds of the National Park in any way will be asked to leave. 

SAFETY:  Groups should remain together and stay on designated walkways and trails.  Stay away from cliff edges as they tend to be unstable.  Students must not run in public areas. Please be aware that tidepool access requires walking down steep sandstone cliffs. 

CLOTHING:  Wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes.  Bring jackets and sweaters, as the waterfront tends to be cooler than the rest of San Diego.

CELL PHONES: Due to our location, many cell phones do not work within the boundaries of the park. Alternatively, signals might re-direct into Mexican cell towers and can result in international charges. Please plan ahead should this be the case. Emergency phone calls maybe made from the Visitors Center landline. 

TIDEPOOLS: If your class is visiting the tidepools, there is a high likelihood they will get wet. Additionally, there is only one restroom facility in the tidepool area. Please plan accordingly. Make sure that you have your tidepool permit on hand, you may be asked to show it. Safety is our number one concern in the tidepools, please 1) remind students to wear closed-toed or water shoes (no flip flops), 2) walk slowly and with caution, 3) be mindful of large waves and loose cliffs, 4) do not pick up or throw rocks, and 5) be gentle with all of the critters that call Cabrillo home. 

CHAPERONES: We kindly request that chaperones remain attentive and engaged throughout your stay at Cabrillo. Please help us with the safety and well-being of your students.