EcoLogik In the Media


EcoLogik: Exploring Cabrillo

A unique fusion of ecology, nature, and technology, EcoLogik connects young girls (ages 10-16) from underrepresented communities across San Diego to the natural resources and science of Cabrillo National Monument. This multidisciplinary approach fosters a platform to make technology more accessible to students and inspire them to careers in STEM fields. The ultimate goal of the EcoLogik Project is to provide the tools and context to empower the 21st century of park stewards in meaningful and relevant ways.


EcoLogik: Exploring Nature

The ladies of The EcoLogik Project adventure outside to collect data on biodiversity, learn about our changing climate, and explore nature through mapping and other data acquisition techniques.


EcoLogik: Exploring Technology

The ladies of The EcoLogik Project learn to connect new and innovative tools to Cabrillo’s natural resources in order to investigate some of our most pressing environmental questions.


Empowering Young Women through Science

"The US National Park Service, in conjunction with the San Diego Public Library, hosted its first Egologik Camp. The two-and-a-half-week camp was designed specifically for young women from underserved areas of San Diego County who would otherwise not get the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments. “It’s very inspiring. Each of these girls, you can tell, day one to now have completely grown as women and as scientists,” said Nicole Ornelas, one of the camp instructors." - Channel 10 News